DEagle2 240

DEagle3 475

Specializing in half day and all day fishing trips

Double Eagle
Deep Sea Fishing



Vice President - Operations Manager

Capt. Chad Haggert

Captain - Double Eagle ll

Capt. Erik Larson

2nd Mate Double Eagle ll

Cameron Fisher

2nd Mate Double Eagle llI

Milos "Mickey" Mitrovic

Ticket Sales

Bob Clark Sr.

Ticket Sales

Steve Zweig

Ticket Sales

Jim Poehlman

Galley Sales Double Eagle lll

Bob "Papa G" Green

Galley Sales Double Eagle ll

Mike Healy

Captain - Double Eagle llI

Capt. Sam Pitchford

1st Mate Double Eagle llI

Mark Freed


Hello from the crew of the Double Eagle Fishing Fleet.

The crew members aboard the Double Eagle are friendly and knowledgeable.
We are always willing to give lessons to the novice or first time anglers. We always strive to make the locals and out-of-towners alike, feel right at home. We look forward to sharing your next fishing experience with you!!
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Photo's above

  • Capt. Chad Haggert, Vice President/Operations Manager
  • Capt. Erik Larson Double Eagle II
  • Capt. Sam Pitchford Double Eagle III
  • Cameron Fisher 2nd mate Double Eagle II
  • Milos "Mickey" Mitrovic 2nd mate Double Eagle III
  • Curtis Ingram - Galley sales Double Eagle III

  • Bob Clark Sr. Ticket Sales
  • Steve Zweig Ticket Sales
  • Mark Freed 1st mate Double Eagle III
  • Jim Poehlman ticket Sales
  • Bob "Papa G" Green - Galley Sales Double Eagle III
  • Mike Healy - Galley Sales Double Eagle II








Clearwater, Florida 33767

Double Eagle
Deep Sea Fishing

Toll Free 877-446-1653

Local 727-446-1653

Docked at
Municipal Marina
25 Causeway Blvd,
Clearwater, FL 33767

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